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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sagittarius Love Horoscopes 2014

Sagittarians will begin the coming year 2014 with an excited mood to do everything in their capacity to woo the one they love. Unfortunately, a third person will succeed in taking that person away from them but for a short time, as their true love and feelings will be realized by the one they love and he or she will reciprocate in a very beautiful manner.

According to Sagittarius Romantic Forecasts 2014, these people will be inclined romantically to a senior colleague in the office and this will become a matter of gossip for others. Make sure to think twice before committing yourself to a person who has nothing in common, neither liking nor disliking, else you might have to repent later on.

Marriage for eligible Sagittarians is most likely to take place in the months of August or September. Most of these marriages will be love marriages with a school or college friend and will be emotional as well as joyful.

Sagittarians will find themselves in their best with a love relationship with Gemini, Leo and Virgo people of the opposite sex. Avoiding love relationship with Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn would be advisable for these people, as these love bonds are not going to last for a longer time in the year ahead.

Avoiding suggestions from the spouse might turn out to be risky in the initial months of 2014 for the Sagittarians, so do pay heed to them and don’t ignore them. Life partner is going to play a big role in changing the career status of these people in the months of March and April, so check it out carefully and kindly cooperate.